True Friends



Someone has said that this is Friendship Week.  When isn’t it – and why shouldn’t it be every week?  From time to time we all need friends: to support, to encourage, to listen and to love.  In return we can be a good friend to those in need.  It may be to someone whom we have known for years, to a neighbour, or even a stranger we meet in the supermarket or the street.

It is said that we are our own best friend and this is very true.  If you cannot be a good friend to yourself, how can you expect others to treat you well?  We teach the world how to treat us. When you are your own best friend you are never alone; you have a quiet inner confidence and thismakes you more attractive to other people as they will seek you out because you are a pleasure to be around.

Kindness shown to others also has a beneficial effect on our brainwaves, however, be careful not to exclude yourself from kindness at the expense of other people. 

I once knew a mature lady who had very few material possessions when we first met.  We had a mutual love of horses, which is how we met.  I noticed that, contrary to the way I had been raised, she looked after number one first, then, and only then, she was more than happy to help friends out.  I also noticed that she led a charmed life.  Somehow all her needs were met.  Within a few years she had acquired a brand new leather saddle, new riding boots, a brand new car and many other things besides.

It was a valuable lesson, however it took many years for me to realise that it was OK to look after my own needs.  It  isn’t selfish, as long as you are not manipulating people to meet your own ends (something I abhor, having been on the receiving end far too many times).  When you are happy and fulfilled you have so much more to contribute and you are a pleasure to be around.  Don’t let people ‘dump’ their challenges onto you, however.  If you have a very sensitive system you will be an easy target as you ten to absorb the energy of people around you because you have a very empathetic nature.

We are here on our own personal journey, so make it as pleasant for yourself as you can.  Things need not be as difficult as they first appear.  The mind is a powerful tool and it has an effect on the body.  Use your intution to its full potential and your mind can solve everything.

Take a walk in nature if you can and let your consciousness expand.  It’s really liberating.  Take care, good friend, and have a lovely week.  Be kind to each other.

Stephanie x

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