How to Cope with Life Changing Situations

Find a peaceful setting to still your mind.


For some of us there may come a time when suddenly everything we have become accustomed to or hold dear ends.  At the time we feel out of control and fearful; a dreadful sense of loss overtakes us.  We seem to lose our identity as life throws everything at us. We wonder what exactly we may have done to deserve this.  How do we cope with it when we are not apparently calling the shots?

What Have You Done to Deserve It?

Quite simply it is often a case of being in denial.  Life has offered several opportunities again and again for you to let go of stagnant energy and move on but, being a creature of habit and with the ego self telling you change is not good, you ignore the messages and continue as before.  You believe there is safety in remaining in the same old behaviour pattern.

Am I Flexible Enough to Adapt?

Yes, you are but you have to firstly recognise that it is time to move forward and secondly adopt a flexible attitude in order to do so.  Many look to the external world for their identity: doctor/lawyer/PA/husband/wife/parent.  Highly Sensitive and Intuitive Sensitive People (HSPs and ISPs) look within for connection with their true essence.  Therein lie solutions to the challenges ahead.

Material possessions may make life more comfortable but they are no substitute for personal insecurity and lack of truth.  Neither do you have to be without in order to connect with your higher self; it is possible to have material wealth and live according to your truth.  Work on the Inner self on a daily basis is one way forward for you.


This seemingly tough time can be compared to the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly.  Some may look at it that it is the end of the caterpillar, but after a spell in the chrysalis and a tough fight to emerge, during which the wings are strengthened for flight, a beautiful butterfly emerges with the ability to fly wherever it’s instincts take it.

Similarly, the tadpole develops into a frog, able to live on land and in the water.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Are these tough times for ISPs to go through?  I won’t lie, the answer is yes, if you have ignored your true calling and are in denial about your skills.  However, once you are flexible enough to let go of the old and embrace the new.

Remember, you’re not alone.  None of us is an island, we all have our particular challenges.  If you are going through a transitional phase at the moment, have courage, for it”s a sign that finally you are living your truth,  you are following the path you are meant to.  There is light at the end of the tunnel and your journey is well worth it.

Stephanie x
Stephanie Parkes is a healer and widely recognised animal communicator and founder of Blue Mountain Healing.  She is a qualified Equine Reiki Master specialising in horse communication – understanding their behavioural patterns and traits.  In recent years her extensive knowledge has been widely sought after extending to all breeds of animals.

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