How raising a family can enhance yet block your progress

Why am I sharing this with you?

The recent birth of my grandchild, plus a comment about child care (especially now that the school holidays are here) from a very dear friend, led me to thinking about how I raised my own child and some of the challenges I faced in doing so – how it affected my spiritual development.  I hope by sharing this with you it will help you think more about how you deal with your life.

How do Intuition and Logic work together?

Many years ago, intuitive development was not spoken of, indeed it was greeted with a lot of suspicion, so those with a highly sensitive nature learned to keep quiet.  Someone raising children subconsciously refers to the intuitive side of the brain automatically: what does the baby/child need, right now or in the future?  The logical side of the brain (the conscious mind) is responsible for putting into action what is required.  Are you still with me?  So far, so good.

The Block

However, the need to put a child’s needs first and foremost, plus a partner’s needs, can knock a huge dent in self-esteem without you even realising it.  Constantly putting others first results in daily affirmations to the subconscious mind that ‘everyone else is more important’ than you yourself.  Not so.  In this more enlightened day and age, it is important for each individual to follow their own personal journey through life. 

That is not to say be selfish and don’t consider others; it means listening to your own subconscious, to what your body is telling you; deal with it and then give consideration to your nearest and dearest.  That way you operate from a ‘full tank’ and you can give far more, both to yourself and to them.  You will continue to grow and progress spiritually, your self esteem will be happily balanced and your higher self and your ego can exist together harmoniously.  You will be happier and therefore others will find it a pleasure to be around you.

What Can You Do?

Make sure you have time at the beginning and end of each day – a few minutes is all it takes – to affirm positive thoughts and feel  those positive situations as if they are in the ‘now’.  Emotions are a particularly powerful energy and affect brain chemistry.  I normally do this just before falling asleep and on waking, when the alpha brainwaves make your creative ideas flow easily.  The alpha brainwaves bridge the conscious (Beta) and subconscious (Theta) brainwaves so this is a very powerful time for reprogramming the subsconscious, which is the part of us that creates our ‘reality’. 

Persist with it, constancy is the key, and you will soon be living a very different life.  For the outer world to change, the inner world must first be balanced and happy.  Happiness is a state of mind, not a destination. 

I hope this helps.  Be happy.

Stephanie x

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