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How To Rid Yourself of Stress Quickly

There is an easy option for those of you who live within easy access of countryside: take a walk.  I don’t mean that in a rude sense, but a good brisk walk in fresh air not only aids circulation, but it stimulates the mind and expands your consciousness as you observe what is going on around you.

We all store energy; we hang onto it unless we know how to process it and free up our chakras.  After a time, this energy becomes stale and blocks our chakra energy; it no longer serves us and if it is allowed to stagnate further, it manifests itself as ill-health.

Meditation is one way to refresh and replenish your energy, or even just taking 15 minutes a day, preferably just before going to bed, to unwind and ‘think of nothing’ – no tv or radio and no background chatter, just you.

What do I do?  Well, I do meditate but also I find that walking in nature is the best solution for me.  I love talking to the horse in a nearby field on my way past to walk alongside fields full of sheep.  I’ve always been passionate about horses and feel a strong connection with them.  I’ve only to be around them and I find peace and calm.  Seeing the world through their eyes helps banish any doubts or fears originating in the logical side of my brain.  I feel and sense what is going on around me.  That is empowering.

After seeing the sheep, I walk on, past the church and onto the local brook.  I pause and peer over the bridge to see if there are any fish swimming around there.  The light reflected on the ripples of water draw my attention; they become almost hypnotic.  This is what I appreciate.  By this time in the walk, I feel part of the whole.  The trees alongside the brook seem to give compassion and strength.  They have seen much in their long lives, survived all manner of weather conditions and yet still they stand there despite everything that has gone on before.  They are the survivors.  Their roots reach down deep into the earth and their leaves reach high up into the sky. Their trunks are strong and steadfast, their twigs supple and flexible.  They play host to birds and insects. The trees have witnessed much.

The fast flowing water seems to carry all negative thoughts with it, transforming them into lighter energy as it flows around rocks and roots, rushing to goodness knows where. I turn for home with a spring in my step, appreciative of what nature has to offer and how now everything is put into perspective.

That is my personal way of meditating.  What’s yours?  For those who live in towns and cities, there are gardens or communal parks where you can be out in nature.  Next time you walk, listen out for the birds and what songs they sing.  Sometimes it is a warning system, ‘human approaching’; sometimes it is territorial but whatever the reason it is beautiful all the same and fills your heart with joy.


11 December 2012

Stephanie Parkes is a widely recognised animal communicator and the founder of Blue Mountain Healing.  She is a qualified Equine Reiki Master and specialises in identifying and interpreting the behaviour patterns and traits of horses.  In recent years her extensive knowledge has been widely sought after, extending to all breeds of animal.

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